mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Enhance your memory using some natural products

Today we are going to to give a new prescription, but not to lose weight.
This prescription is to enhance memory!

The prescription:


Goat Milk


Olive Oil

Add some fig to a cup of goat milk and keep them all the night!
On the morning use the mixer to mix the fig and the milk with the other component.

Drink the juice, to enhance your memory and improve your focus ability!

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lundi 15 septembre 2014

How to remove black dots from your noise and all the face

To remove black spots from your face, try this new natural prescription and you will have a clean face in few minutes.

The prescription:

Some rose water

1 egg

Two spoons of cornmeal

- Mix two cornmeal spoons with 1 Egg white.
- Put the mix where the black dots are and keep it for 10 minutes.
- Clean your face with a dry towel
- Add rose water to the black dots areas.

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vendredi 29 août 2014

Got some Intestinal gas? here is the best solution from nature

Today prescription is for people with Intestinal gas problems, and again this prescription uses only natural product that everybody can find.

The prescription:

1 Small Teaspoon of Matricaria


Boiled water

At night, add some boiled water to some Matricaria and lemon slices.
Drink the water when you wake up at the morning on an empty stomach.

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mercredi 27 août 2014

Do you suffer from Cholesterol concentration problem? The solution is here!

For those of us who suffer from Cholesterol problems, we have a new prescription to help you reduce the it's concentration in the blood.

The prescription:

Some Artichoke leaves


Add the Artichoke leaves in the water and put everything on fire until boiled.
Then drink the water before each one of the three days meals.

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lundi 25 août 2014

How to remove Black Dots on Face Naturally

Black dots in faces are one of the biggest problems young people suffer from nowadays, but as always, we will show you a natural way to get ride of them.

The prescription:

Lemon juice

Olive oil

- Clean your face with soap and water.
- Rinse the face with the oil and lemon mix.
- Keep on your face for few minutes and clean it with tepid water

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samedi 23 août 2014

Clean the dead skin cells from your face

Dead skin cells are really a good problems if they stay on someone face. So today prescription will show you a natural way to clean your face.

The prescription:

2 tablespoons of hard wheat flour

2 tablespoons of milk

- Mix the hard wheat flour with the milk till you get a soft dough.
- Put the mask for about 10 mins on your face after you clean it.
- Do a massage from the top to the bottom of your face.
- Clean your face with tepid water.

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jeudi 21 août 2014

Do you want a white skin, here is the solution!

Today we are going to talk about how to whiten the skin and give it a beautiful look using only already found on home component.

The prescription:

2 teaspoons of almonds powder

1 teaspoon of Powdered milk

- Mix the two powders till you have a dough.
- Put the mask for about 15 mins before you go to sleep.
- Clean your face with tepid water.

Use this mask twice a week and you will see changes in your skin after one month.

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