BREAKING NEWS: The Underground Hollywood Testosterone Booster Stack FINALLY EXPOSED

Hollywood Testosterone Booster stack exposed

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If you have been paying any attention to the news lately, you’ll know that everyone has been trying to get their hands on the secret muscle stack that the actors have been using to get shredded for the movies.

Up until just a few days ago, this news has been extremely private because the actors have wanted to gain the ultimate edge and stay shredded while all of the joe shmoes stay fat and ugly.

You can only find this information here so pay very close attention because this article may not be up for long…

It all started a few months ago when The Rock stepped out into Hollywood looking like an animal from his old wrestling days…he had everyone wondering what he was taking to get that huge….

Then just a few days later some other actors were spotted at the gym looking like shredded bodybuilders.

This had our writing team wondering what exactly was going on so we decided to investigate further…this is what we found…

The actors are taking a two step testosterone boosting formula that is not available to the public.  This formula, when taken together as a stack can boost testosterone levels by over 800% in just 4 weeks, and when taken along with a proper diet and workout plan can really make a big impact on the physique and cause huge increases in muscle mass, extreme fat loss, and much more.

The stack we are talking about here is Crevalor and Megatropin.  If you would like secret access to this stack click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Testosterone

We have been getting a lot of questions in our email inbox along with endless phone calls about how testosterone can help get you in great shape, so we thought we would save you some time and help you get your questions answered here…

What Is The Difference Between Testosterone Boosters and Injection Based Therapy?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to increasing your testosterone, option 1 is to increase your own hormone production by taking natural compounds that increase your levels naturally, and option 2, which is two replace your own production with synthetic hormones.  When you do HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, you actually tell your body to shut down production of your own hormones, and replace them with synthetic versions.  This can cause a variety of different issues, the worst of which is when your own hormone production shuts down for good because your body thinks it doesn’t need to produce the hormone anymore.

Are Testosterone Pills From GNC or Costco ok to take?

Please understand that what we are about to say is our personal opinion, but in our experience test boosters purchased from big box stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Costco,, and even Amazon tend to be so diluted and watered down that they are very ineffective in making any dramatic changes in your hormone levels.  This is because when it comes to testosterone therapy, the testosterone supplement companies (listed here are some of the top testosterone booster brands) main goal is to manage risk and prevent lawsuits and injuries.

Why Do Most Men Need Some Kind Of Testosterone Therapy?

When men reach the age of around 28 years old, Testosterone levels tend to peak out.  This is why most men around this age tend to be able to build muscle easily, have relatively low bodyfat levels and have the stamina and energy levels to compete in life.

After 28, testosterone levels tend to decline each year until around age 42, hormone levels tend to bottom out and unless TRT is taken, most men will suffer signs of Low-T such as low energy, lack of libido, low sex drive, lack of muscle mass, depression, and weight gain.

Non of these symptoms of low-t are desirable, and that is why the Low-T industry is booming right now, and all the 40 year old actors are looking shredded.

How Should I Lift For Maximum Gains While Taking Testosterone Boosters?

The best way to lift weights when taking Testosterone is to lift as heavy as you can.  When you lift heavy, especially using compound movements like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, & Pulls Ups you engage multiple muscle groups and this sparks dense muscular growth and repair.

If you are currently lifting light with high reps, you probably aren’t getting good results when it comes to gains because you aren’t causing enough damage to the muscle fibers.

There is a big argument among the bodybuilding community between powerlifting and pump training, but if you look at bodybuilders, who mainly train for the pump, their muscles don’t look as dense and hard as a powerlifters.  Also, when a powerlifter stops lifting for months or even years, he maintains his muscular base without having to workout as much because the muscle has been shocked and impacted with maximum weight, the fibers are changed forever.

I have been lifting for over 15 years, and when I first started out I went out and bought The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding written by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and in his book he lists his training regime.

Arnold’s workout routine was insane, lifting twice a day, often working the same body part’s 3-4 times per week.  This is because Arnold mainly lifted for the pump and or volume.

What people don’t realize is that Arnold got his start as a teenager as a powerlifter.  He started with the basics; Squats, Cleans, Bench Press, Deadlifts, and Pull Ups.  He only moved on to more advanced lifts because he was trying to become Mr. Universe, and wanted every muscle in his body to pop.

Also, Arnold didn’t have the steroids that the bodybuilders of today have.  It has been long known that the only steroids available to the bodybuilders of the golden era was basic Testosterone, Winstrol, Dianabol, and Anavar.  These are pretty mild steroids compared to the steroids of today; HGH, Synthol, Tren, and other insane roids.

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally Without Steroids?

This is quite possibly the number 1 question we get when people write into us.  Most of our reader base is from the ages of 19 to 27, and these guys are 1, too young to take injection based testosterone therapy, and 2, do not need to increase their testosterone levels to a point where steroids are even needed anyways.  With all natural herbal compounds we can increase any mans free testosterone levels by as much as 500%.

What Are Low Testosterone Symptoms?

Around the age of 33, a mans natural testosterone levels begin to fall 3-7% per year.  This leads to a 30% drop in free testosterone by the age of 37, and this is where most men start to develop symptoms.  Here is a list of the symptoms you may experience:

  • Low Libido (Lack of Sex Drive)
  • Weight Gain (Most likely due to metabolism issues)
  • Muscle Loss (Testosterone controls muscle mass)
  • Low Energy
  • Depression

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms we recommend that you see medical attention to see if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.


It’s not easy to avoid your favourite meal. Majority of us consume more than five hundred calories contained in meals we eat at our best restaurants. Well, with the HCG low carb diet, less than five hundred calories is required in the total of meals you have. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner and any other snack in between your meals, the total calories should sum up to less than five hundred. This is a clear indication that one has to be very careful on the kind of meals he or she partakes. Therefore, on the HCG diet plan for your weight loss, certain meals are required to make your weight loss effective.

Before we look into the kind of foods one is required to eat, you have to consider your own dietary into account.  You might be allergic, diabetic or dislike some of the meals. In this case, your doctor should come up with a complimentary list of foods you are to eat. I will categories the kind of foods into three.

HCG approved proteins

After selection of hcg drops from popular review sites, its time to concentrate on Diet. As you begin HCG diet, only two hundred grams of protein can be consumed in a single day and a hundred grams in a meal. Low fat is needed during cooking sessions. Also, remember not to cook anything on the bone. Some of the protein foods are: White fish, lobsters, chicken, buffalo, shrimp, scallop, extra lean beef, three egg whites and crab. (More proteins)

Recommended Fruits

Each and everyone need vitamins for body’s protection. Although fruits have a lot of sugar, there are some which you can enjoy while on HCG diet plan. Examples of fruits you can enjoy comfortably while on HCG diet plan are: Lemons, strawberries, apples, oranges, grapefruits, blueberries and raspberries. (Also go through highly recommended fruits by MSN)


Our everyday foods and snacks contain a higher percentage of vegetables. Without an exception to the HCG diet plan, vegetables play a huge role. But you should be aware what kind of vegetables is needed when you are on HCG diet. These are: Asparagus, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage, green onions, spinach, tomatoes, fresh garlic, celery, chard, fennel, cauliflower, shallots, red radishes and many more.

One is not only restricted to this three categories but also can have a little bit of starch, specific type that is. Examples include Melba toast and grissini breadsticks only. This should be taken sparingly. Also, you may include some drinks such as coffee, green tea and water.

PhenTabz Diet Pill Review

Is it possible to lose 20 pounds of fat in just one month? There are many diet pills on the market that will claim it is possible. In fact, some may even guarantee that it can be done. But whether or not it actually happens is another thing. In your search for effective diet pills, you have likely come across the popular one called Phentabz. Many people are taking it, but just how safe and effective is it really?

Phentabz is a diet pill that the manufacturer claims has been designed to provide quick weight loss, as other such pills aim to do. They also suggest that there are no side effects to taking these diet pills, and that they are made in a laboratory in the United States. So far it sounds like they may just be the diet pill that you have been looking for. But it’s important to investigate a little further before making a decision about any type of diet pill.

PhenTabz isn’t our first choice when it comes to diet pills. We prefer a proven formula. PhenQ has the right ingredients and is touted by Real Doctors as the “real deal”.  It’s a good feeling for us to be able to recommend a non-prescription supplement that will actually help you lose weight!

The company that makes Phentabz suggests that those who take it can lose 3-5 pounds per week and that the pills make you cut down on caloric intake. The suggestion that you will burn a lot of calories and lose a lot of weight while taking them comes as a result of the six fat-burning ingredients that are found in this particular diet pill. They even suggest that this diet pill is prescription grade and that the lab they were created in is FDA-approved.

So far, so good, right? If Phentabz can help you burn more calories and reduce your caloric intake, then you might be on to something. Perhaps you really can lose the 20 pounds in one month, as they suggest you could lose. While they are suggesting it is a good way to get “fit” quickly, it is important to take a look at the key ingredients that are included, as well as just how safe it is to lose weight at such a rapid pace, assuming their claims and suggestions are accurate.

The six main metabolism-boosting ingredients that are found in Phentabz include:

  1. 1-3 dimethylpentylamine
  2. L-carnitine
  3. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
  4. Trimethylxanthine
  5. Capsaicin-1.12 concentration
  6. Sympathomimetic Amine

To the average person who is considering purchasing diet pills, this list of powerful ingredients does not mean much. Most people have no clue what they are, and may not even be able to pronounce them. So it is crucial to dig a little deeper in order to find out what they are and if they themselves come with any type of warning or harmful side effects.

The dimethylpentylamine is often used along with caffeine to act as a stimulant. While the safety of it is not well known, it has been banned by some sporting associations, raising a red flag[1]. Because of this, it is important that any athlete or someone that may be drug tested for something should be aware of this. L-carnitine is a supplement that helps the body to have more energy, and while it is considered usually to be safe for most people, it does have some side effects risks. These include upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and even seizures.[2]

Those who may be looking for a diet pill that is devoid of caffeine may be surprised to learn that Trimethylxanthine is actually the chemical name for caffeine. So one of the six effective ingredients found in Phentabz is caffeine. The side effects of caffeine include an increase in heart rate, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, and nausea, among others.[3] Capsaicin, while generally thought of as safe for most people, could cause problems for those who have high blood pressure.[4]

While the information on Phentabz shows that there are six main ingredients in the pill, it doesn’t state if there are others along with those. This makes it difficult to thoroughly evaluate all of the ingredients that it is made with.

Review Conclusion

While Phentabz suggests that you will see big results from taking the diet pill, it is difficult to say if those claims can be substantiated. A concern is the suggestion that Phentabz has no side effects, when clearly there are at least the risks of some side effects from some of the main ingredients that it is made of. Also, being able to lose 20 pounds in one month may seem like a great thing, but it could also be too good to be true, and it may not be a healthy route to losing that much weigh that fast.

Unlike many other diet pills on the market, Phentabz does not appear to offer any type of money back guarantee. This may be seen as a negative by many who may be willing to try it, if they knew that the diet pills were backed by a guarantee that if they didn’t work they could get their money back.

Other popular pills review and ratings

Phen375 diet pills reviews and ratings

Of course, the best route to weight loss is always to eat a healthy, sensible diet and get plenty of exercise. Still, many people fall short of this, or may try do it only to feel they are still not reaching their weight loss goals. There are many diet pills on the market, and if you want to try some to assist your weight loss efforts, your best bet is to go with one that is all natural, does not have risks associated with serious side effects, and that will assist you in losing weight at a healthy pace. You have to choose not only the best diet pill for you, but one that will also help you avoid complications and will help you reach your health and weight loss goals.

Consulting a Physician

When in doubt about the best way to lose weight, or if a particular diet pill or an ingredient in one is safe to take, don’t hesitate to contact a physician. They can provide you with the best answers when it comes to these issues. Taking a few minutes to consult with a physician about your weight loss issues, or about which diet pills they suggest, can go a long way toward helping you reach your weight loss goals in a healthy way.

Diet Pills

Looking for the best diet pills? You’re in luck!

By now you have probably figured out all diet pills are not created equally. We at have understood this for a long time and have been expecting your arrival.

Fitness-Health has revolutionized the way you research diet pills!

We have a stringent review process and rarely will you find us recommending a weight loss supplement. PhenQ  was created with ingredients proven to assist in weight loss. It’s exciting to see Real Doctors and Real Health Specialists recommending this non-prescription weight-loss formula.

Take advantage of our reviews

Please take advantage of our free research and recommendations. Our reviews are very informative and will break down everything you need to know about the respective diet pills. Good luck in your weight loss and remember: watch those calories!

The 12 most important details of Diet Pills:

1. Weight-Loss Power
2. Speed of Results
3. Long-Term Results
4. Ingredient Quality
5. Safety
6. Customer Satisfaction
7. Overall Value
8. Guarantee
9. Reorder Rate
10. Convenience
11. Customer Service
12. Company Reputation

Proven ingredients don’t always work!

Huh? What’s that, you say? How can proven ingredients not work? It’s quite simple: There are thousands of ingredients proven to help you lose weight. Most of the “good ones” are illegal and harmful. However, there are a few, (when taken at the right dosage) which will assist in weight loss. Notice I said, “right dosage”? Example: Aspirin is proven to assist with headaches- but what about an aspirin the size of a grain of salt? Catch my drift? There are tons of diet pills with the Wrong amount of the Right ingredients. These companies dazzle with their list of “proven” ingredients, all the while pushing an ineffective diet pill. With our help, we’ll educate you on choosing diet pills with the Right amount of the Right ingredients.

The Pharmacist says, “There are tons of diet pills with the Wrong amount of the Right ingredients”

Everything is Safe, until it’s Not!

Many diet pills (prescription, and non-prescription) have come to the market with claims of being 100% safe, when to find out a few years later they weren’t so safe afterall. Phen Fen, Patentrim and Ephedra just a few examples. The key is to find a proven best diet pill on the market with safe ingredients. This means avoiding fadish ingredients bioengineered in a wharehouse or someone’s garage. Mother nature has provided some pretty cool remedies and there are diet pill companies who have successfully blended the Right amount of the Right Ingredients. Just because it’s the latest diet pill doesn’t mean it’s the safest!

Tangled Web of deception

I’m very familiar with how the diet pill industry works. I’m aware of the big players, scammers, affiliates, etc. I can’t expect you as the consumer to pin-point the bad apples from the legitimate companies out there. That’s where we come in. I will tell you that most of the diet pills you are “researching” through Google are owned by the same deceptive company. I know the design of their sites, products, urls, names, addresses. The company reputation should be one of the biggest factors in deciding which diet pill you try. Just because they have a “100% money back guarantee” doesn’t mean they really do. Trust me, you will not get your money back easily or at all! In fact many of the legitimate companies DON’T offer a money back guarantee – they know their product works, and offering a phony money back guarantee doesn’t make it any more true.