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Looking for the best diet pills? You’re in luck!

By now you have probably figured out all diet pills are not created equally. We at have understood this for a long time and have been expecting your arrival.

Fitness-Health has revolutionized the way you research diet pills!

We have a stringent review process and rarely will you find us recommending a weight loss supplement. PhenQ  was created with ingredients proven to assist in weight loss. It’s exciting to see Real Doctors and Real Health Specialists recommending this non-prescription weight-loss formula.

Take advantage of our reviews

Please take advantage of our free research and recommendations. Our reviews are very informative and will break down everything you need to know about the respective diet pills. Good luck in your weight loss and remember: watch those calories!

The 12 most important details of Diet Pills:

1. Weight-Loss Power
2. Speed of Results
3. Long-Term Results
4. Ingredient Quality
5. Safety
6. Customer Satisfaction
7. Overall Value
8. Guarantee
9. Reorder Rate
10. Convenience
11. Customer Service
12. Company Reputation

Proven ingredients don’t always work!

Huh? What’s that, you say? How can proven ingredients not work? It’s quite simple: There are thousands of ingredients proven to help you lose weight. Most of the “good ones” are illegal and harmful. However, there are a few, (when taken at the right dosage) which will assist in weight loss. Notice I said, “right dosage”? Example: Aspirin is proven to assist with headaches- but what about an aspirin the size of a grain of salt? Catch my drift? There are tons of diet pills with the Wrong amount of the Right ingredients. These companies dazzle with their list of “proven” ingredients, all the while pushing an ineffective diet pill. With our help, we’ll educate you on choosing diet pills with the Right amount of the Right ingredients.

The Pharmacist says, “There are tons of diet pills with the Wrong amount of the Right ingredients”

Everything is Safe, until it’s Not!

Many diet pills (prescription, and non-prescription) have come to the market with claims of being 100% safe, when to find out a few years later they weren’t so safe afterall. Phen Fen, Patentrim and Ephedra just a few examples. The key is to find a proven best diet pill on the market with safe ingredients. This means avoiding fadish ingredients bioengineered in a wharehouse or someone’s garage. Mother nature has provided some pretty cool remedies and there are diet pill companies who have successfully blended the Right amount of the Right Ingredients. Just because it’s the latest diet pill doesn’t mean it’s the safest!

Tangled Web of deception

I’m very familiar with how the diet pill industry works. I’m aware of the big players, scammers, affiliates, etc. I can’t expect you as the consumer to pin-point the bad apples from the legitimate companies out there. That’s where we come in. I will tell you that most of the diet pills you are “researching” through Google are owned by the same deceptive company. I know the design of their sites, products, urls, names, addresses. The company reputation should be one of the biggest factors in deciding which diet pill you try. Just because they have a “100% money back guarantee” doesn’t mean they really do. Trust me, you will not get your money back easily or at all! In fact many of the legitimate companies DON’T offer a money back guarantee – they know their product works, and offering a phony money back guarantee doesn’t make it any more true.

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